Past Grant Recipients

2016-2017Grants (Over $19,325 approved)

Fall Grants:

$925.00 – Botball Robotics for CHS

$4,400.00 – Aeroponic Garden System for HES

$5,000.00 – Starlab Projector upgrades for the District

$9,000 – Additional Harkness Tables for CHS and faculty development

2015-2016 Grants (Over $36,500 approved)

Fall Grants:

$250.00 – KinderGarden Tools, Plants and Supplies at Hopewell Elementary

$435.00 – Macro to Micro:  Embracing Next Generation Standards: Digiital Microscope at Hopewell Elementary

$813.00 – Bee Bot Robots at Toll Gate

$828  – Swivl Video Caption Solution at Timberlane Middle School

$1,500.00 – CHS School Garden at Hopewell Central High

$2,835.00 – Engineering: Shaking Down the House!: Earthquake Tables at Timberlane Middle School

$3,614.00 – Connecting Bear Tavern to the World Through Water: Fish tanks at Bear Tavern

$5,640.00 – 21st Century Learning Every Day: Configurable Furniture at Bear Tavern

$8,900.00 – Challenging Students to Sit at The Center of Their Education: Configurable Conference  Table at Hopewell Central High

Spring Grants:
$1,196.75 – Composer in Residence for CHS

$1,200.00 – TG Book Room Expansion for Toll Gate

$1,277.50 – Creating a Toolbox of Strategies for ALL Readers for Bear Tavern

$2,500.00 – Baby Grand Piano for Stony Brook Music/Choral Education for Stony Brook

$5,525.50 – Sowing the Seeds of an Outdoor Learning Center at Bear Tavern for Bear Tavern


2014-2015 Grants

$1648.00 – Production Cutting Tables for sewing instruction at Timberlane Middle School

$1407.00 – Alphabet Series of books for teaching reading to students with special needs at Toll Gate Grammar School

$2000.00 –  Dr. Peg Dawson speaker on “Smart but Scattered” available to the HVRSD community

$1280.00 – Kestral Wind Meter stations for science instruction at Central High School

$1000.00 – Third grade Guided Reading Libraries for inquiry-based instruction at Bear Tavern Grammar School

$1000.00 – Dr. Brian Chu speaker on anxiety in children, available to the HVRSD community

$1400.00 – Robin Necowitz speaker on parenting skills, available to the HVRSD community

$2725.00 – Sphero 2.0 Coding and Robotics system at Hopewell Elementary School

$698.00 – From Caricatures to Cataracts art project at Timberlane Middle School

$1100.00 – High School Button-making business to enhance job training skills at Central High School

$3000.00 – Universal Access Playground Re-surfacing Project at Stonybrook and Hopewell Elementary

$4000.00 – Creating a permanent demo robot to attract students to robotics and STEM fields, available to the HVRSD community


2013-2014 Grants

$ 1650 – Educational Diplomacy- Funding was granted to support the initial CHS Global Service Learning Initiative at a luncheon for students and the community honoring the Kenya Ambassador, Jean Kamau.

$1870 – Executive Functioning Skills – Funding was granted to have George McCloskey hold a workshop for parents and teachers at TMS to help them understand students with executive functioning difficulties.

$670 – Character Counts- Funding granted for a school wide Hopewell initiative to promote core values throughout all the grades (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship).

$750 – NJ Hall of Fame Mobile Museum, Funding granted for the museum to be visited by Toll Gate 3rd, 4th, 5th graders to inspire their research about successful NJ citizens who have had a historical impact.


2012-2013 Grants

The 2012-2013 school year started with a new classroom set of iPads for each Hopewell Valley school.  Thanks to the fundraising efforts of The Power of 100, over $22,000 was able to be dedicated to this goal.  By the end of the 2013 school year, nearly $40,000 was able to be dedicated to the district.  Here’s how it was spent:

$5,700 – Author-in-residence, Luray Gross worked with 3rd graders in classroom to create poetry.  The project evolved into a collaboration with music and art teachers to create a presentation for their parents and the 4th and 5th graders that the children called “Poetry on Parade”.  Students gained valuable public speaking skills in a creative and inspired venue!

$1,300 – Artist-in-Residence, Jessica Gorlin Liddell worked with 4th grade Stony Brook students to create a permanent fused glass window hanging.  Additional funding, and inspiration for this project, was provided through a memorial donation from a Stony Brook family.

$1,000 – Funding provided to launch a Practical Arts Learning Lab at Central High.  This unique learning environment enables students to gain real world experience to insure a successful transition to life after graduation.

$4,200 Funded by Janssen Pharmaceuticals– 50th Anniversary Architectural Mosaic Mural at Bear Tavern.  Artist-in-Residence, Jessica Gorlin Liddell worked with all students to create an individual and meaningful clay piece to be incorporated into this meaningful piece of collaborative art. The mural depicts symbols of education, learning, and special events to celebrate Bear Tavern’s “5 Decades of Learning”.  The students gained exposure to art careers, art appreciation, and developed a real life understanding for clay hand building techniques.

$440 – Author of Pretty Crooked, Elisa Ludwig visit.  Popular author of Young Adult genre participates in a meet-and- greet and workshop with Central High students to discuss the writing process and the career of a writer.

$3500 – Mac Air Notebooks for creating an interactive classroom ibook for Central High social studies (World History and US History) and science (Physics) classes to be integrated into the classrooms during the 2013-14 school year.

$2500 – Artist in Residence, Mark Stankiewicz will work with Stony Brook students to create a Picasso-inspired “Dove” mural.  With the support of the green committee, they will collect bottle caps to create this symbol of peace for the school.

$1700 – Narrative Non-Fiction Writing Workshop with local author of A Log’s Life, Wendy Pfeffer.  Students will write their own non-fiction pieces about animals that have adapted to adjust to their environment.  Each student will receive a copy of their book.

$1695 – Ceiling Mounted Document Camera for Timberlane Science Department.  Equipment for showing students images that otherwise might go missed.  Students can watch experiments, dissections, and techniques up close while they are occurring.  This equipment augments the delivery of curriculum in any unit.

$1250 – Botball Equipment and Materials to enable Timberlane students to establish a Botball Robotics team.  Students will participate in a workshop and build two robots to launch this program.  Botball team will be able to participate as competitions arise.

$886 – Photo Scanner for Central High Special Education Transitions Program.  Students create work and a monetary stipend for copying print photos to a disk or flash drive.  Students will gain valuable work skills and experience with interacting with real customers and business situations.

$5,555.50 – CHS Science Lab Probeware.  This equipment gives our students real world science experience and a chance to collect real data with consistent accuracy enabling them to connect to what’s going on in an experiment.

$1600 –  Hopewell elementary writing mentor library.  Grade leveled books used for the purpose of supporting writing instruction through mentor texts.  Mentor texts provide the opportunity to look through the lens of a published author and apply those techniques to a student’s own writing.

$1,000 – Timberlane Science Classroom GPS Units.  Science classes will have the opportunity to locate and identify habitats, symbiotic relationships, learn about the Earth’s magnetic fields, and the uses of these facts to identify changes in the Earth’s crust while focusing on team building and cooperative learning.  Both Phys Ed and Social Studies departments will have access to these devices to add high interest to their planned curriculum.

$2964.50 – Summer Reading Initiative.  Executive director of  “This I Believe” , and NPR journalist, Dan Gediman will visit for an evening community event and conduct programs with students focused on their summer reading/writing essay project.  Themes covered in these essays will connect directly to essential questions and enduring understandings in the English curriculum.

$1962 – Electronic Balances.  Timberlane 8th grade science classes will use electronic balances to explore various concepts and properties of matter, such as mass, density, and solubility.  They will learn how to use a 4-beam, single pan balance, as well as electronic balances.

$2000 – K-2 Reading Workshop Support.  Purchase of high quality fiction and non-fiction titles at differentiated reading levels.  This classroom book collection is organized by levels of difficulty so that an emergent reader can access an easy book, and complex books can be available for advanced readers.  They are used in the Reading Language Arts block within the student’s own classroom.

$1407 – Education City.  The web-based modular resource features research-based, animated activities designed to support student engagement and achievement.

$3000 – Composer in Residence.  The high school band will work with composer and clinician Jess Langston Turner on a piece to be featured in a Spring 2014 performance.  Mr. Turner will conduct an open rehearsal workshop for the students and teachers and he will lecture the music and music theory classes. The work created together will be submitted for publication and recognition throughout the country.


2011-2012 Grants

The HVEF began the 2011-2012 school year by making a $40,000 grant to the HVRSD for Project Lead the Way, a pre-engineering program for Timberlane Middle School 7th and 8th grade students. In addition, the Foundation has funded a variety of programs at all the schools, to date totaling an additional $22,311.


$40,000 – Project Lead the Way – (funded by Arkay Foundation, Bristol-Myers Squibb, IEEE Foundation, Janssen Pharaceuticals and HVEV)

$1,000 – Robotics Computers

$6,000 iPads – (funded by Educational Testing Service and HVEF)

$6,960 Amplification System –  Several “soundfield” systems were purchased for each elementary school building for the 2011-2012 school year. These systems insure that students will be able to listen with greater accuracy to classroom instruction over environmental noise regardless of where they sit in the classroom. Research has been conducted to show that amplification systems aid the teacher as well as all students in the room to better deliver and receive information.

$2,500 – Guided Reading – Grant to create a library of books and reading materials for students who struggle with reading but whose interest is strong.  The books use appropriately leveled text for subjects to which the older elementary student relates.  This helps foster a love of reading while complementing the skills the student is learning.  The libraries are accessible to all elementary and middle school students.

$1,231 – Heart Monitors

$4,620  – Math Exemplars – (funded by Educational Testing Service and HVEF) Math Exemplars is a computer-based program of open ended math word problem with different levels for differentiation. Not all students take the same approach and learning different methods and problem solving skills is what Exemplars teaches.  The student can show a math representation for the problem being asked,  the strategy the student takes to figure out the answer

the systemic approach they would use, an observation about the solution& the correct answer

$4000 – Integrating students through art – (funded by a donation from the Bell family with funds raised through the sale of Tyler Bell’s artwork) The proceed of special needs student Tyler Bell’s first art show were donated to the HVEF to fund programs in the district that would enable regular and special needs students to interact and share experiences through art. VSA of New Jersey has been hired for teacher training that will instruct district teachers on how to use art to integrate regular and special education students. The programs are taking place this February and March.

$2000 – National Arrive Alive Program – (funded by Central High School PTO and HVEF)

CHS sophomores and seniors will experience ‘distracted driving’ and use a simulator (a physical car that doesn’t really move) to “drive” and try to text or simulate drinking and driving.  The simulator will give students a real sense of being on the road with other cars, pedestrians, traffic signs and lights.  Students will receive a “ticket” showing the legal ramifications of their ride.  Along with the simulator, a high impact video will play all day showing the after effects of crashes.  Lastly, a pledge station will be set up for students to pledge not to text and drive.

2010-2011 Grants

For the 2010-2011 school year, the Foundation made $29,000 in grants to support the programs below. Some programs were collaborative, with additional funds provided by our corporate partners.

$5000 – 10th grade Challenge Day  Challenge Day successfully addresses some common issues experienced by most schools, including rumors, cliques, negative comments and judgments, gossiping, teasing, bullying, harassment, stereotypes, racism, homophobia, helplessness, apathy, and the hidden pressure to create an image that will live up to the expectations of others.

$3900 – McCarter Theatre playwriting workshop: “YouthInk!”  The YouthInk! Independent Study Project provided an opportunity for students interested in theater to independently direct, perform, and stage their own productions.  Each student wrote a 10-minute play that wasl then produced for the public at CHS using student actors and directors from HVCHS. Additionally, each play was entered in McCarter’s YouthInk! play competition and one play was chosen for production at McCarter Theatre.

$5000 – Dan Gutman, Author-in-Residence – (funded by HVEF Booklovers’ Luncheon), additional funds provided by elementary school PTOs.  Author Dan Gutman visited all the 5th grade classes at Bear Tavern, Stony Brook Elementary, and Toll Gate Grammar schools, funded by the HVEF and elementary school PTOs.

$875 –  “Gizmos” curriculum for TMS science classes –  The purpose of the project is to enable students to build 21st Century Skills using the inquiry-based, state standard-correlated Gizmos with virtual lab experiments and features.  Gizmos can be used for classroom whiteboards, SMART boards, small group or individual interactions.  School and home use is possible for both teachers and students.

$500 – Art enrichment program: “Art with Recyclables”

Students in the 5thgrade Art Enrichment class at Bear Tavern School worked with Katie Truk, art teacher Joslyn Johnson and skilled parent volunteers to discuss risk taking in art and how to create amazing works of art via non-traditional materials.

$5700 -National Writing Project: Professional Development for 3rd  grade writing curriculum –

Building upon the gains seen in grades four and five during the 2010-2011 academic year,  a comprehensive, cost-effective professional development package was executed by teacher consultants from the National Writing Project (NWP) at Rutgers University for grade three teachers.

$1500 – Computer Numeric Control router system for Robotics Team-  Computer Numeric Control (CNC) systems integrate Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs with a wide variety of machine tools.  The Central High School Robotics Team constructed a CNC router using materials and techniques similar to those used in the annual FIRST robotics competition.  The completed machine allows the design of objects with a CAD program and automatically. This capability enhances the team’s ability to build their FIRST robot and enables a wide range of additional applications as well.

$500 Big Tent Conference  Five Central High School students from the newly formed L.E.A.D. Club (Learn the Essential Assets of Development) have been identified and chosen to attend the annual Search Conference with the expectation of returning to school and engage their peers, teachers, community members in asset-building training and activities.

$1400 – Flip video cameras –  The Flip video cameras are shared by all teachers in the science department.  They are a multipurpose tool in and out of the classroom for students.  Students use the Flip video cameras to record lab data during labs, easily upload projects, and for teachers to record lessons for absent students. The cameras are used in lab assignments, allowing students to capture data that they can reflect on during discussions and while analyzing the data in the labs.  Students can film plants, animals, and landscapes to be studied without interrupting the ecosystem.

$1200 – Blues Musician Joe Becton –  Mr. Joseph Becton, a blues musician and historian with 40 year of experience, presented a musical/historical program about how blues music, a true American art form, evolved and developed from the time of slavery to the present.  This was part of the American poetry unit in English 2.  The purpose of the American poetry unit is to provide important historical and cultural contexts for American poetry; to directly connect blues music and poetry (for example, Langston Hughes wrote many blues poems); and to provide new appreciations for what cultural diversity truly means in America.

$2500 – High Tower – Additional funds provided by HVRSD and NJ Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.  The Wellness Department at Central High School continued to expand the Outdoor Education component and the high ropes course.  The High Tower is a powerful challenge that creates a hands-on lesson in teamwork, fitness, risk taking and communication.

$525- Conqueror of the Hill prize money –  Conqueror of the Hill (COH) is a firmly established tradition within Hopewell Valley. Students participate while they are enrolled in physics. As a part of COH, students are asked to design and build a device that can perform specific tasks. The devices are built from common household items and compete against each other on a plywood hill, which serves as a “playing field.” Funding was provided for scholarships for the winning teams of the school-wide competition.

$320- Livescribe pens  The Livescribe Smartpen is a new technology that allows students to record audio as they take written notes. Students can then review their notes and easily access the audio that corresponds to the exact moment they wrote their note. Students can also export their notes for public viewing in the form of “pencasts