Grant Guidelines

The Hopewell Valley Education Foundation (HVEF) welcomes creative and innovative proposals that benefit a significant number of students. The grant application form can be accessed at: Grant Application

Spring Grant Deadline is 03/09/2018
The fall deadline was 11/3/2017

To Apply:
• The applicant must complete the Grant Application form submit the grant to by the grant deadline. The applicant, appropriate administrator (building principal or departmental supervisor), and – if the proposal involves the purchase or installation of technology – the Supervisor of Educational Technology must sign the form prior to submission. Typed e-signatures are acceptable on electronically submitted forms.
We will consider:
• Pilot programs, typically funded for one year and thereafter by the district
• Equipment purchases
• Speakers or programs
We generally don’t fund:
• Individual professional development opportunities
• Field trips
• Projects involving very few students

The best grant applications will meet the following criteria:
• The application is professional, grammatically correct, follows format requirements, cites sources where appropriate, and includes pictures/visual aids when warranted.
• The proposed program provides opportunity for the school / district to benefit the served population beyond one school year.
• A large group of students/teachers across district is served by the proposed program.
• The application identifies a need in the served population through documentation and research; the application furthers ties program objectives to the need and how the need is addressed.
• Engaging, creative, or new pathways to learning are well documented and contained within the proposed program.
• Proposed budget is detailed in application and is realistic considering the audience size and stated objectives. The budget demonstrates effort at managing costs.
• Teachers throughout the district actively support this project.

Responsibilities of Awardees:
By accepting a grant from the HVEF, the grant recipient agrees to certain conditions and responsibilities as outlined below:

1. Funds distributed by the HVEF must be used solely for the purpose(s) and activities described in the grant application. Substantive changes to the project or program, including dates, milestones, or cost, must be reported to your HVEF representative.

2. Payment of the grant is generally made directly to your school or central administration, in collaboration with the HVEF treasurer. Please contact or to arrange for disbursal of funds. Any unused funds must be returned to the HVEF.

3. The Hopewell Valley Education Foundation’s support of the project, program, purchase or other outcome(s) resulting from this grant must be recognized and acknowledged whenever reasonably possible, including communication with parents and the public, and recognition on websites, T-shirts or other promotional materials associated with the project.

4. HVEF board members and/or donors who supported the project may wish to attend an event or program if it is reasonable and non-disruptive to any of the participants (including the teacher or speaker). In these cases, the grant recipient is requested to inform the HVEF representative of the date and time of the program.

5. A Final Report describing the outcomes of the project as outlined in the grant application must be submitted to the HVEF, preferably within one month of the project or program’s completion, and before the end of the school year. The Final Report form can be downloaded from the HVEF website ( Please submit digital images or video either via email or DVD, along with a document listing the names of the people in the photos or video if known, and a brief description of what it depicts.

Please contact, with any questions related to your grant.